Thursday, November 10, 2016

Recent Election

In light of the recent election and the protests happening after the election I have decided to touch on it. I hope you can keep with me as I try and articulate my thoughts.

My baby sister was born on Monday; the next day we went out and voted. Who did I vote for? I did not pick the lesser of two turds. I wrote somebody in. Did I go rioting in the streets when my candidate wasn't elected? No. Why?  It is ridiculous. All you are doing is embarrassing yourself and others.

When I got to school I opened my student e-mail and saw that the college was offering consoling for people who were "triggered" by the election. Excuse me? Triggered? By what? The fact that the person you voted for lost? I'm sorry but I am unable to understand the reasoning behind that. I feel like it is because that they don't want you to think. "Oh, you're having strong feels? We have some medicine for that."

I am sorry if you were triggered by the election. Yes, it is traumatizing but there is nothing that can be done now. Rioting doesn't do anything but get people hurt and have property destroyed. I saw a video where a man was beat up for voting for Trump.

Listen, that is assault and that man could vote for who he wanted to. I have a lot of friends who voted for Trump. While I don't agree with them I'm not going to beat them up for it. Now, people didn't die for the right for us to vote, however, you could argue that people died for the right to vote for who we want to.  

In light of the election I am going to be careful with how I am writing my novel. I am editing it currently to make it more readable and while I am doing that I am going to be careful with how I word some things.

Thank you for reading

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