Saturday, September 3, 2016

College, Postcrossing, and writing

Greetings!  For the past month or so I have not been doing anything with my book. I am a little ashamed by my lack of motivation. But today I'm going to give you an update with what I've been doing.

College:  I have been attending six classes at my local college (18 credits) and my first tests are coming up pretty quickly. I haven't had the foresight nor time to create flashcards and now I'm on crunch time. Maybe on the weekends I can make the flashcards; that way I won't be completely in the dark.

I am also attending three ASL classes this semester. One is ASL 5 (Intermediate) and is more vocabulary and signing skills. There is also quite a bit of turning ASL into English and back again. My second ASL class is Introduction to Interpreting. This class is taught completely in English but I am thankful for that. If it were not taught in English I think it would go over my head.
The third and final ASL class is Linguistics. This is also taught in English but it is mostly self taught. A lot of my classmates seem to really hate this class; but I love it. I grew up learning in a self-taught manner and I have been in my element

My other three classes are Ethics, Intro Sociology, and Math. In the spring I'll be done with math and my focus will be mainly ASL.

For those who do not know what ASL is it is American Sign Language. It is used with the Deaf and the Deaf-Blind. People who can hear also use American Sign Language to communicate and/or interpret.

PostCrossing: For those of you who don't know what this is; it is a place where you can send postcards to anyone in the world. It is randomized. I have gotten one person from Germany and one person from Russia so far; so two American postcards will be being sent.

Writing: I haven't done much writing lately. I was planning on doing some today but I have homework and work stuff to do. I am hoping to get my 5th chapter out by December. Please keep reading my story and please send feedback on it. Until then, here is a quote from the 5th chapter to keep y'all waiting and happy:

"I grabbed the guy’s wrist the next time he came after me and twisted it until I felt it crack. His mouth opened in a silent scream of pain. I’m sure it wasn’t silent, I’m sure it was bone chilling, but my lack of hearing helped with that."

"My brother passed out before I could ask how much it hurt. Which was a really stupid question anyways; if your eyes are unfocused as much as his were you wouldn’t have been able to tell what I was signing either."

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