Friday, May 18, 2018

Writing Update


I now have a facebook group that is dedicated to editing my book. It has around 6 or 7 readers in the group, so hopefully, I can start working out some issues.

On the same line of thinking, if any of y'all are interested in a Facebook Page for my story, if there is enough interest, I'd be happy to consider coming up with one. I would want to wait until I had the 6th chapter up. Historically, I have only ever been able to write 5 chapters before my brain runs out of ideas. I am on five chapters now, I have been attempting to write a paragraph a day.

During the school year, I get so busy that I am unable to write. This summer I plan to focus most of my time on Blogs, When the Sky Caught Fire, Knitting, and other work I have lined up. (Mostly odd jobs) And of course, I am doing my normal photography.

How did my school year go? I know most of y'all probably don't care, but here it is anyway. I got two As, one B, and a C. In my health course I got an S, so I passed all my courses. Next semester I am going to work hard to get either As or Bs and no Cs. I would like my GPA to go up a little, if at all possible. I have a 3.1 which is too close to a 2.9 for me. Can you tell I'm a perfectionist?

Sometimes because of my perfectionism, I have difficulty when writing. I want it to be perfect the first time. So, I'm forcing myself to write and upload chapters first before editing. The raw/rough draft is on purpose so I can get reader feedback on dialogue, character representation, and grammar.

Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


When I heard about the protests and counterprotests in Charlottesville I was saddened. What type of world have we come to, exactly? White Supremacy groups are protesting the taking down of a statue. They care so much about this statue that they were willing to kill several counter protesters to make sure that it happened. Where is the justice in that?

At the same time, we need to remember that General Lee would not have stood for the KKK. In fact, he didn't even condone slavery. The fact of the matter is, General Lee did have some degrading thoughts towards black people. That wasn't uncommon for the time. While that doesn't make it right, maybe tearing down everything that has to do with the South isn't the best plan.

As someone who lived in the south and has Southern friends, they resent the fact that all their monuments are being taken down. Tearing down their history doesn't help your cause. Keep that in mind. The civil war is a huge part of the South's history and a huge part of ours. Both sides made mistakes.

At the same time, by fighting so hard for the statues they have raised them up to be idols. For that, they need to be taken down. We don't need the statues to be up anymore, they never needed to be up to begin with.

What I'm saddened by in Charlottesville is the fact that there is so much hate from the White Supremacy groups. The fact that there is a large majority that claims to be Christians? That causes me pain and sadness.

Jesus said, "If you hate your brother, you are a murderer." Make no mistake, White Supremacy people hate black people. They hated the counter protesters enough to send a car through the group, and some of those people were white.

In the book of Revelations and several other places, it talks about people from ALL nations being in heaven. Not just white nations. Also, they would have to hate Jesus. Jesus came from a Jewish family with Jewish roots. He was not the white skinned, blonde haired, blue eyed man that you see in pictures.

Racism is a poison to our society and will cause us to crumble.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Printing Presses and Dystopian Writing

As you know, there are different sized printing presses. Modern day ones are large and used for newspapers/books. A printer could be considered a printing press. However, I have noticed a flaw with writing a dystopian story with old printing presses.

I have to become a designer.

This wouldn't be considered a problem for most people, but I like to have all the facts before I design. I want to design a more portable printing press for the Rebels in my book. I have run into a problem. What is that, you ask? I'll tell you.

I am stuck between having them use Titanium and plastic. If they use Titanium then it could be only slightly less heavy. Where would they get the Titanium? If they use plastic, can they find a heavy enough plastic so that way the machine can work? How long would the machine last? They could never buy spare parts.

This is where I need help. I need help researching how much a titanium machine would weigh as compared to a Cast Iron machine would weigh. Then I need to find out what the plastic would do when created in the likeness of one of these machines. And I mean both big and small machines.

This is my current dilemma. Ugh.

Sunday, April 30, 2017


So, I was on facebook one day (shocker) and I saw a friend had posted something so I went to look. In the picture, there was an extremely underweight girl. She said if people weighed more than 115 pounds there was a problem. The picture disturbed me, the girl looked like bones. I saw Anorexia or another eating disorder. I almost cried.   My friend was mocking the picture along with some friends.

When did we get to be so desensitized? That girl could be dead now and people would be mocking her photo. Why didn't the man who took the screen shot call an emergency number? Her weight is unhealthy and she needs intervention. But instead, she is mocked? I'm sure that helped.

Then not long later I saw a facebook post about a woman who left a church because she couldn't nurse her baby without a covering. Even though she was given several other choices with what to do. Then she complained about it on facebook live. She chose to be offended and use the law to punish a church despite the fact they did not kick her out. She chose to leave.

America has a problem. We get offended by everything and then we mock girls who need to be in a hospital. It's time for us to grow up. Y'all aren't teenagers anymore. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Politics and writing

When writing a dystopian novel you tend to look at the politics of the current nation. In most public speaking classes they will discourage you from going to the extreme. While I understand that, in my book, I go straight to the extreme. Whenever you look at history nobody expected the extreme when it happened (the holocaust, genocides, etc). If nobody ever talks about it then nobody will expect it.

The first thing that I want to discuss today is our president. I respect him because he is our president, he has made the economy better, and I do believe he has the best intentions for America as a nation. However, when people start bringing him to the level of God, that's where I have problems. I recently saw a meme that struck a nerve.

"He gave up his million dollar home (company) to be mocked, ridiculed, and dragged through the mud just to save the American nation that he loves."

Okay, back up. Last I checked he is still making money from his company? (maybe I'm wrong here) He's already taken expensive trips and his kid is still at his original school. Secret Service agents don't do their job for free.

The other thing is, the people I saw posting this were Christians. That bothers me a little. We don't worship President Trump. We worship Jesus, He died for sinners. He was mocked, ridiculed, and beaten on our behalf to save sinners. Trump isn't God and people should stop elevating him to that level. It is nothing short of blasphemy.

It also scares me a little. When people start admiring humans to that level crap starts to hit the fan. We can't allow ourselves to become so enamored with a man that we forget about the God who made us.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Culture and Writing

Hello, today I wanted to talk about two major things that I'm studying/doing right now. The first of the two is about Culture.

I've started taking cultural anthropology and studying Deafhood (which dives into the culture of the Deaf). I am not a cultural relativist, I am far from it. Despite my views on it, I am learning a lot of interesting things about language development and other things that develop differently depending on the culture.

With Deafhood I'm having some problems with culture shock. Deaf culture is very different from hearing culture and that's going to be hard for me to overcome. And then you hear them raging against hearing people because of what we've done to them. As a result, I would end up exhausted on my short day. What I'd like in the class is transparency, for example, where are the sources for this information? (Students are required to cite sources, teachers should be held to the same standard) Was there anything that hearing did that was good? (If you constantly push the negative then you have the potential for jaded students.) Why is it bad for hearing people to help? Nurses don't get ragged on for wanting to help, why should interpreters have to put up with it?

With writing, I am close to the end of editing my 3rd chapter in my book. I am hoping to get it up in a couple of months. I am also still working on my prequel (When the roads ran red) and I'm unsure of when the first chapter will be up.

Thanks for reading!
(Questions, comments, advice is encouraged)

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Immigration, bans, writing


Today I have decided to cover a couple issues. 1. Immigration/bans. 2. Writing. I hope I can cover both of these thoroughly.

1. Immigration. I saw the executive order that had to do with immigrants/refugees. This is a very evil order. How do you tell people who are being murdered, "I'm sorry, we don't want you here," or "Fend for yourselves?"   How can you do that?
And then everyone jumps up and says, "God Bless America."  How can God bless America when we are aborting our babies? And now we're turning people away when the Bible clearly states how we are supposed to treat the sojourners in our land.
Yeah, turning away the refugees will certainly help with the terrorism problem. *Sarcasm*

2. Writing. I have been editing my book over the past few days. I plan on working on it some more today after I've finished my homework. I will have enough for at least 3 chapters. I thought I had more than that but editing has taken out a lot of unneeded information while adding a little bit of needed information.

Thanks for reading,