Thursday, July 21, 2016


Today's update isn't really about my story, although it may come into play later. I'm addressing modesty. How far do we have to go with modesty?

As a Christian young women I believe modesty is a very important aspect of life. We don't want to cause our Christian brothers to stumble but where is the medium? Sometimes in our obsession with being modest we forget to dress like young ladies and not old maids.

I have a tendency to dress like an old maid, which is why I believe this is important. Growing up I wanted to dress like an old maid because it felt safe. If I looked like my grandma no guy would ever look at me twice, because chances are, I look like their grandma as well.

Now that I'm an adult my parents are starting to get concerned, so much so that I now hear about how I look like an old lady. I've been taking steps since I turned eighteen to look less like a grandma. Now that I'm twenty-one I think I've figured it out. People expect girls to dress very immodestly while other groups expect very modest.

This blog post isn't very organized today. Here's what brought these thoughts forward:
I decided to dress nicely today in a blouse, blue jeans, and a nice pair of earrings. I'm not one for selfies but I took a picture of myself with my computer and for once I was surprised.

Surprised? Why? You might ask that, but I don't often think of myself as beautiful. Because that would be vain. (=   But I was surprised to see that if I try not to look like a grandma I can look like a young lady.

Today in writing I will try and edit/write more in my book. I hope to have a chapter up by the second or third week in August.

Thanks for reading my rambles!

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