Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Editing, reading, writing, and homeschooling

Hello again!

Today I am editing more of my story and have found some inconsistencies. One of the biggest ones is after Moisés is shot he doesn't have as much trouble as he should during the story. That is one of the biggest detail fillers I've had since I've started the story. I am currently on page 33/34 and hope to get up to page 40 done within the next few days. I would like to post a couple of my chapters back up on Inkitt before I start school again which is next week. 

I have also been reading a book called The Perfect Horse by Elizabeth Letts (I believe that's her name) it is an excellent book about the Lipizzaner horses in Nazi Germany. It made me hate the Nazi's even more, not because of how badly they treated the horses but because of how well they treated the horses in comparison to people. I'm about a quarter of the way through but I hope to be done with that book in a couple days. 

Recently I saw an article about how home-schoolers shouldn't go to college. While I agreed with them in one sense I also did not agree with them. Part of the reason is because I am in college, I have been in college for two years. The career I'm going for cannot be attained without a B.A. degree so it is a direct insult to home-schoolers who want to be doctors, nurses, midwives, interpreters, teachers, and so on. 

In the area I agreed with them on was the fact that not every job needs a degree. For instance: To start your own business or become an salesman you don't really need a degree, you can learn that from other people. Or even a writer, you don't need a degree. Some of the best writers did not have a degree in writing/creative writing. It isn't a necessity to write. 

Anyways, those are my thoughts. Thanks for reading!

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